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“Physical fitness is the
first requisite of happiness.”

Joseph Pilates
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Where you can reawaken your body through movement and your mind through conscious thought.

Our studio offers a friendly and family-oriented environment which focuses on your individual needs.  We specialize in training of the Pilates Method. 

We offer group and private sessions that meet your needs, semi-privates and trio mat classes.  Sessions are offered on both the mat and equipment.  Lessons maybe provided on the universal reformer, Cadillac (trapeze-table), wunda chair, ped-o-pul, ladder barrel or a variety of other small equipment.  Depending on the individual’s needs, sessions may consist of workout on a  combination of the equipment. 


In addition, we offer preparatory training packages for student instructors.

New To Pilates ? 

Try our introductory package :
3 private sessions for $150 
( $15 savings)

A great way to start Pilates!

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